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With back up cameras you leave nothing to chance. You can actually see where you are backing up and exactly what is behind you. We mount a small camera on the back of your vehicle and a monitor inside. There are a number of monitor options from a small 3” fold down monitor to a rear view mirror with a monitor built into the mirror. If you have a navigation system, the camera will work with the navigation system and the screen will automatically switch to monitor mode when you put the vehicle in reverse. Some folks find this unit rather handy when they have to load up a trailer by themselves. Looking at the remote screen, they can back right up under the trailer hitch the first time. We can even mount the cameras on the back of long trailers like my 35’ horse trailer. I have a camera mounted in my horse trailer so we can monitor the horses while in transit. You gotta see this.

The EchoMaster™



Reverse sensing system uses cutting edge ultra-sonic technology to "see" what you cannot see behind your vehicle, below the line of sight. The EchoMaster™ works on all makes and models, and automatically activates when you place your car in reverse.The system works Day or Night, Rain or Shine to keep you and your family safe, by signaling you with a warning tone if any objects are detected behind your automobile. 



Why go out to a freezing vehicle this winter or a boiling hot one during the summer. You don’t have to. With a Remote Start, your vehicle will remain locked but you can start it from a remote location like your bedroom or office. Let the engine run a little while to stabilize the temperature to a comfortable level before you enter the vehicle. Now that is comfort! The two Clifford G5 security/ remote start hybrid systems lead the industry in range, features, functionality and reliability. Clifford G5 systems have the ability to safely add remote start functionality to automatic transmission vehicles. You get the best of both worlds: state-of-the-art Clifford G5 security, plus the convenience of Clifford G5 remote start, which lets you pre-warm or pre-cool your vehicle, from up to a 100 yards away. 

Clifford is the leader in automotive alarm systems. We have many variations to choose from. Starting with the simplest engine disabling system to the most sophisticate on the market. With today’s high rate of auto theft, why risk loosing your investment. Even if you are insured, the effort to replace a vehicle and install all the options and accessories is a real hassle. Come by and let us help you pick the right system for your needs. The Clifford Arrow V is our largest selling system, We even have systems that can be tracked via satellite and its location reported to the police.

The unfortunate facts are the all vehicles have blind spots. None are worse than the very large area right behind the vehicle and below three feet high. Each year in the United States there are over 300,000 reported reversing accidents, in driveways, parking lots, and neighborhoods all over the country. These accidents account for more than 400 deaths annually, usually young children, and cost drivers in excess of 1.3 billion dollars in damages.



If you have the need for speed? We carry both K40 and the Valentine1. K40 claims to be the only portable all band radar/laser detector with a ticket-free guarantee.. K40 also makes a full system that installs to blend in with your vehicle and become almost undetectable. The electronics are hidden under the dash with only tiny warning lights visible to the driver from specially fitted lights on the dash. The kit includes front and rear sensors for both radar and laser. There is even a laser DefuserPlus for the front of your vehicle to thwart most laser systems by defusing their beam. The control module talks to the components via Bluetooth technology and you will receive a voice warning from the systems telling you if the radar hit is front or rear and the type of radar being use. Cool huh? We have this unit in our demo vehicle, come by for a test drive. 
Get There in Style. We sell both Eclipse and Pioneer Mobile Navigation. These systems doesn't just get you there. They deliver you. Using touch-panel operation or voice command, you'll get driving directions, find phone numbers and addresses, and locate restaurants and gas stations. And once you're dialed in, our systems integrate seamlessly with front-and rear-seat entertainment options for movies, music, and way more. DVD Mobile Navigation will become an everyday part of how you drive. We have a demo unit in one of our vehicles. Come by and let us show you how it operates.


Leave the DVDs and Videotapes at home and instead enjoy live entertainment while you’re on the go! KVH’s new ultra-low profile TracVision A5 digital satellite TV antenna system delivers live satellite TV to your vehicle’s video system as you drive down the open road anywhere in the USA. This sleek new antenna is the first product that’s designed specifically to bring the variety and excitement of live satellite TV to automobiles. 

Regardless of vehicle motion, TracVision A5 automatically finds and tracks your selected TV satellite and presents your favorite entertainment on your in-vehicle video system. If you are already a Direct TV subscriber then you can get This service in your vehicle for an additional $5 per month. Just think, HBO, ESPN, Discovery Channel while driving down the road. Never miss another football game while on a trip


Few technologies have impacted family travel like the incorporation of TVs and DVDs into the family vehicle. Today you have more choices than most people can assimilate. First, let me state that we only carry the very best and latest technology. You have choices of screen sizes from 5” to 15” with mounting options of drop down ceiling mount, head rest mount, floor stands, consoles, dash, visor, etc. With our installation kits and skilled staff we can make the units look like the were installed at the factory. We carry Audiovox, Vizualogic, and Doublevision. You should stop by and let us design a system for you vehicle. 
Many people buy satellite radio for the convenience of good reception in the back country or up in the mountains. Some buy because they want consistent station selection while traveling across country. But, everyone who buys one becomes addicted. The sound quality and the low instance of advertising interruption coupled with the large selection of specialized stations cause many people to forget they have a CD player. It one of those things that is a little hard to explain till you experience it. We carry Pioneer, Audiovox and Delphi. The Pioneer Satellite receiver show can be placed under the dash or a seat and interfaced to many existing stereo systems. We carry both XM and Serius. 


Take it to the Streets. You've already got a CD collection at home; why not experience them in your car? CD's dynamic range sounds especially great in a car—it really cuts through road noise—with a big improvement over tape and FM/AM. Pioneer makes a full line of CD Receivers and CD Changers (including models that work with your factory-installed stereo). 
Whichever you choose, you’re gonna love it. We carry everything you need to create the full rich sound your are craving: amplifiers, equalizers, speakers, subwoofers, cabling. Come by and let us design the perfect system for your vehicle. Yes we build custom enclosures for your speakers and subwoofers


The right care extends the life of any car or truck. We bring advanced techniques and cutting-edge diagnostics to the table every time.

We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of repair size or difficulty.

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Our mechanics come to work smiling and are happy to turn a wrench. They have a passion for auto repair and are fully qualified to work on yours.

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Let’s face it. Most of us spend hours and hours each week in our vehicle. Good tunes makes the time pass more pleasantly if not faster. And, how about those car trips with the kids in back...ARE WE THERE YET! 

Integrated TVs have certainly revolutionized family travel. Men no longer need to stop and ask for directions when you have navigation onboard. We carry a large line of entertainment systems and other electronics from Audiovox, Pioneer, DoubleVision, Clifford, Valentine, K40, and lots more.