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We can provide a basic lift for your truck or jeep in the 2” to 4” range with little to no modification to your vehicle beyond installing your new suspension components. Your choice of wheel size may require some wheel well modifications to eliminate any rubbing. We also provide lift is the 6” and upwards of 10”. This category of lift requires more modifications to achieve the safety and ride characteristics you desire.At this level there are numerous options depending on your intended use of the vehicle. It is best to have a dialog with one of our specialist to determine what is best for you. Kellyon our sales staff is actually a certified master mechanic who has worked off road all his career. He is a literal fountain of knowledge. Come by our showroom or call us at 505-888-5811. We also have a very large selection of wheels and tires to complement your lift.
Better conformance means an easier ride and less potential damage to the vehicle. You should note that it also means less damage to the environment because the vehicle does not have to bull its way thru the terrain but rather glides over it like a large beetle. When lifting a vehicle, the ride quality becomes stiffer than the factory cushy ride. However, this is complemented by having a better feel for the road or terrain. There are times when the “feel” on particularly tough terrain will be critical for the driver’s safety.



Accessories Unlimited opened its RockHopper Lab in 2003 when off road adventure was expanding from the few die hards to encompass a broader audience. We recruited some of the best and most experience mechanics in the area. Our goal is to provide expert suspension advice, products, installation and repair to our customers. Whether you simply want the “look” or you are a serious rock hopper, you will find what you need at our facility. We can do the complete kit or systems upgrade for you or sell you the components so you can do it yourself. Our experts can also provide estimates and repairs. After all off road is not for the faint of heart and machines do break under extreme conditions.

Many people lift their vehicles for better off road performance. From hunters and anglers to Police rescue to serious rock hopping enthusiasts, these folks need or want to go where a stock vehicle simply cannot. Technically a lift kit raises the ground clearance below the body of the vehicle. It does not necessarily raise the clearance below the axles. The larger size tires that the lift kit enables provide the extra height below the axle. Lift kits also enable greater articulation of the axle. This only means that the wheels can travel up and down a greater distance. This articulation enables the vehicle to better conform to the terrain.