Exhaust systems do not add horsepower per se, but they liberate power by enabling the exhaust to flow more freely thus re-tasking horsepower from pushing exhaust out. A manufacture of specialty exhaust systems claims to liberate up to 104 horsepower and 244 foot pounds of torque with 14% better gas mileage. Of course this has got to be the ultimate best case possible. However, our customers agree that they can tell the difference after installing a premium exhaust system particularly on diesel engines. We carry several brands including Bully Dog, Magnaflow, and Borla, Call us to get a quote for your vehicle.


Our engines today are controlled by small specialized computers. The original manufacturer selects a group of parameters to program into their computers which take into consideration a wide view of drivers and their needs. They also must consider warranty costs and are therefore likely to set these computers to be fairly conservative. Originally the only way to change the programming was to replace a chip in the computer chip set. Such chips are available for older models. 
Today, most aftermarket performance manufacturers offer “plug-in modules”. These units have the advantage of changing the programming without having to remove any chips. Most of these also give you the ability to select among a set of options so that you can tune the engine performance to your particular needs. The other advantage of these modules is that the engine can be returned to its original state before it is re- turned to the dealer for servicing and then reprogrammed once the vehicle is returned to you. For diesel engines we recommend the Juice by Power Edge. It delivers horsepower improvement of 40 to 130 and torque improvement of 100 to 350 foot pounds depending on the engine.
Fuel economy varies from zero to 25%. We have personally experienced a 25% fuel saving on our company truck which is a 2003 Ford F250 with 6.0Lengine. Come by and see this product for yourself. This product (Juice by PowerEdge) is truly amazing. We carry products from a number of other manufacturers including Hypertek,and Bully Dog Technologies. We will be happy to provide a quote for your specific vehicle, engine model, and year
We carry Vortech Supercharging Systems.Supercharging is the easiest and most cost effective means of adding anaverage of 46% more horsepower and 31% torque to your vehicle. Actual numbers may vary for your application. Each Vortech supercharging system is designed, tested, and sold to be installed on vehicles in their original or otherwise stock form. They are engineered to deliver maximum performance and long term engine durability at safe boost levels on stock engines. By taking into consideration variables such as the intended use, climate, altitude, and design parameters of stock engines,Vortech supercharging systems deliver proven performance. Call for a quote for your vehicle.
Receive the same cutting-edge boosting technology that goes into large commercial vehicles. Garrett turbochargers improve both performance and efficiency, with an increase in horsepower of up to 100%, along with reduced exhaust emissions. Garrett's boosting technology delivers balance, maximizing power while minimizing the environmental impact. Fuel economy, performance and reduced emissions-reasons why Garrett is providing the boost your engine needs. Turbochargers are rarely sold alone. They come in power pack kits made by Banks and B-D with exhaust and cooler additions. Call for a quote for your vehicle. 


performance  upgrades

Let’s face it, Performance upgrades are changes primarily to the power train of a vehicle with the intended outcome of increasing horsepower, torque, or gas economy. Sometimes all three are accomplished. The greatest problem with meeting customer expectations on gas mileage is that enhanced performance often leads to the “heavy foot”. People like the feel the new power. Once the new feeling wears off, the expected mileage results usually are achieved. 

The results of these upgrades will vary from one engine manufacturer to another and even from one particular engine model to an identical engine. Plus these results were achieved in a lab not the open highway. Therefore it is difficult to forecast the exact benefits that the customer will achieve.
We have provided quotes from the manufacturers of these products as a guideline to aid your decision making. However, we do not guarantee the results for obvious reasons. Integrated TVs have certainly revolutionized family travel. Men no longer need to stop and ask for directions when you have navigation onboard. We carry a large line of entertainment systems and other electronics from Audiovox, Pioneer, DoubleVision, Clifford, Valentine, K40, and lots more.


if you add up all the vendor claims,you might get the impression that you can take a 300 horse power engine and increase it to 500 horses with these add-ons. Not so. Each of these accessories does improve performance but with each add on the impact of the next is lessened. Some of these accessories are good to use in combination. The Programmers and the FIP kits are a good example of complimentary accessories. Playing on a popular advertising theme “let your engine be all it can be!” 
Discuss your particular needs with one of our specialists who will help you select the right combination for your vehicle and your needs. 505-888-5811.


Gages probably were not on your list of performance options but they should be. With all that new found power and torque you should be keeping an eye on your transmission temperate. New models come with this gage but many older models do not. Gages are a good investment that can help save you money in transmission repairs.




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