Car Alarm System Albuquerque

A car alarm system is an essential tool, which is why nearly every vehicle on the road today employs an anti-theft device. However, not all security systems are state-of-the-art. For owners who want to protect their investment from thieves and vandals, there’s no better name in car security than Clifford.

Available at Albuquerque’s own Accessories Unlimited, Clifford Systems are recognized as industry leaders around the world. Their innovations have revolutionized vehicle security and continue to evolve with the latest concepts and innovative breakthroughs. With a Clifford car alarm system, definitive security technology comes standard.

Confidence with Clifford

Clifford offers 1-way and 2-way security systems that provide top-of-the-line protection against theft and vandalism. The Clifford 3105X, 3305X, and 3606X have up-to a 1/2 mile range, six-tone Revenger siren, Code-Hopping by Clone-Safe, DoubleGuard Shock Sensors by Stinger, and SmartStart compatibility. With Clifford, reliability has never been so affordable.

Remote Start & Security

Safety and convenience are combined in Clifford’s line of security systems with remote start. These LCD and LED 1- and 2-Way systems secure confidence with Clifford’s advanced protection while also giving users features like:

  • warming or cooling their vehicle prior to entering
  • manual transmission compatibility
  • on-board remote start relays
  • rechargeable remote batteries and signal ranges of up to one mile

Combat weather and worry with these dynamic all-in-one systems.

Car Alarm System Albuquerque

Car Alarm System Albuquerque
Car Alarm System Albuquerque

G5 Systems

For the most advanced, reliable, and uncompromising security system on the market, choose the Clifford G5 series:

  • Arrow 5.1: This is Accessories Unlimited’s largest selling car alarm system in Albuquerque. It features a starter interrupt, keyless entry, dual-zone impact sensors, and anti-code grabbing technology.
  • AvantGuard 5.1: As Clifford’s premier G5 security and remote start system, the AvantGuard has a self-powered siren, override switch, and G5 glass break sensor.
  • IntelliGuard 770: With optional keyless entry, this intelligent four channel security system features a remotely adjustable dual-zone OmniSensor, programmable siren, and the BlackJax 5 anti-carjacking system.
  • Concept 470: One of the most advanced 1-Way systems on the planet, the Concept 470 protects the vehicle with the most sophisticated technologies available today.

Secure Peace of Mind

Never leave a vehicle unsecured. Clifford intelligent security systems are powerful enough to protect a vehicle from headlight to taillight. Their sleek and modern G5 series continues to show Clifford’s revolutionary talents in developing the most technologically advanced security systems around the globe. With a Clifford car alarm system in Albuquerque, security is never left to chance.

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