GPS Navigation Systems Albuquerque

GPS Navigation systems turn the everyday commute into an integrative driving experience. With voice command and touch panel interaction, today’s navigation systems integrate with smart phones, front and rear entertainment systems, and back-up camera technology to give every driver full control from the convenience of their dashboard.  Accessories Unlimited is proud to carry Eclipse and Pioneer GPS navigation systems in Albuquerque to ensure that safety and simplicity are en route to every destination.


Fujitsu Ten, a global leader in infotainment technology, enhances the driving experience with their Eclipse line of GPS Navigation systems. Their AVN726E and AVN4430 models integrate seamlessly into any vehicle, delivering a touch of style for the interior and peace of mind for the driver.


Featuring a 7” widescreen display, the AVN726E delivers the superior sound and dynamic video quality of an LCD TV. Experience next generation navigation with this versatile digital-to-digital TFT monitor that is ready for any media format. This stylish GPS has built in Bluetooth compatibility to enhance any the convenience and safety of any drive.


A detachable GPS with performance-proven TomTom navigation, the AVN4430 makes traveling safe and simple. Upgrade any drive with its ability to play DVD, CD, MP3, and WMA files. Easily connect a USB, Bluetooth, or iPod into this tastefully designed portable navigation system.


For 80 years, the passionate engineers at Pioneer have developed innovative audio and video products for the car, home, and business environments. Their GPS navigation models turn any on- or off-road adventure into a smooth ride. Delivering up-to-date roadway information and driving directions, Pioneer GPS Navigation systems set drivers on a clear path.

All AVIC in-dash navigation models feature:

  • 2D Heading-Up, 2D North-Up, and 3D View display modes
  • English, Spanish, and French text-to-speech voice guidance
  • Speed limit, warning, and lane information
  • Multiple driver profiles
  • Map coverage for Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US including Alaska and Hawaii
  • Backup camera, Bluetooth, smartphone, and digital media playback integration

Find The Way With Accessories Unlimited

Leave no road untraveled. Eclipse and Pioneer navigation systems improve the driving experience from start to finish. Using the latest technologies, seamless integration, and user-friendly interfaces, these GPS devices are essential tools for any vehicle. Don’t just go from describe yourself essay point A to point B; get there in style! Make every drive safe and simple with GPS Navigation systems in Albuquerque from Accessories Unlimited.

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