Rims and Tires Albuquerque

The wheels, rims and tires of a vehicle are essential to safety and performance. Riding on old, balding tires limits traction and increases the chances of losing control of the vehicle in challenging road condition. Having worn out or wrong sized tires and wheels can create additional costly damages. Thankfully, a wide selection of new wheels, rims and tires in Albuquerque is readily available and affordably priced at Accessories Unlimited.

Factory & Premium Tires

Don’t let a trip be ruined by poor tread. Replacing balding tires ahead of time will restore safety, control, and peace of mind to drivers and passengers alike. Accessories Unlimited carries quality factory and premium tires from reputable brands like:

  • Michelin
  • BFGoodrich
  • Goodyear
  • Yokohama
  • Bridgestone

Rims and Wheels for Lift Kits

Vehicles need a boost? Accessories Unlimited’s RockHopper Lab is the ultimate service destination for outfitting trucks and Jeeps for off-road adventure. Their service experts can install leveling, lift, and suspension kits and modify the vehicle to the desired height. They’ll also help drivers select the appropriate tires and sporty rims so that off-road performance and style are at its maximum. No matter where the road leads, the RockHopper Lab has what it takes to handle any terrain.

Accessories from the Roof to the Wheels

Accessories Unlimited is the one-stop shop for automotive parts, repairs, and installation. Their team of highly skilled mechanics can perform basic and custom alterations to both the interior and exterior. Don’t settle for poor performance and lack of control from inadequate tires. Let their service professionals quickly and affordably install confidence and safety. Visit Accessories Unlimited in Albuquerque today to find the right wheels, rims and tires in Albuquerque for any vehicle.

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