Remote Car Starter Albuquerque

The remote car starter is a lifesaver for those that live in climates with drastic weather changes. Whether a driver wants to cool down their cab in three-digit heat or warm up their car after a fresh blanket of snow has fallen, remote car starters offer the ability to control the temperature of their vehicle from the comfort of their home or office. This is especially the case in Albuquerque, where drivers have to combat temperatures that are below-freezing in the winter and into the nineties during the summer. Thankfully, Accessories Unlimited carries a great selection of Clifford remote car starters in Albuquerque that take the worry out of any weather.

Convenient In Any Climate

For nearly half of a century, Clifford has revolutionized vehicle security around the world. Their innovative breakthroughs and sophisticated concepts have pioneered most of the features found in today’s remote controlled security systems. Accessories Unlimited is proud to carry the industry leading Clifford remote startsystems starters in Albuquerque.

  • Clifford 4115X : the basic 1-way system with ¼ mile range
  • Clifford 4105X : an entry level 1-way system with additional HornHonk
  • Clifford 4606X : LED 1-way with ½ mile range and manual transmission compatibility
  • Clifford 4706X : LCD 2-way that displays text and priority icons
  • Clifford 4806X : LED 2-way with one mile range and LED command confirmation
  • Clifford 4816X : LED 2-way with one mile range and the ability to unlock while running
Remote Car Starter Albuquerque

Remote Car Starter Albuquerque
Remote Car Starter Albuquerque

G5: Accept Only The Best

The Clifford G5 starters are the most advanced and reliable Clifford systems ever created, offering uncompromised convenience and security. Leading the industry in range, features, and functionality, all Clifford G5 security and remote car starter systems include:

  • Remote start, and keyless entry system
  • 24-channel security with four auxiliary channels
  • Compatible with SmartStart
  • Power output for defroster
  • Available port for plug-in XPRESSKIT vehicle interface

Start The Day Off Right

Accessories Unlimited supplies drivers of all types with the tools they need to enhance their driving experience from bumper to bumper. The state-of-the-art Clifford systems are intelligent, powerful, sleek, and modern, providing drivers with paper writing help uncompromised convenience and safety. Don’t let weather ruin the start of the day. Grab a Clifford remote car starter today from Albuquerque’s own Accessories Unlimited.

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