Sunroof Installation and Repair Albuquerque

Accessories Unlimited offers affordable sunroof installation and repair in Albuquerque by trained professionals. Their expert service technicians will outfit any vehicle with an inbuilt sunroof that immediately enhances appearance and comfortability.

Great Variety Under One Roof

Accessories Unlimited carries sunroofs in several different configurations and sizes. Their sunroof installation and repair services in Albuquerque will add elegant style, fresh air, and bright light to the interior of any vehicle.

  • Full Power: Sliding between the interior headliner and roof of the vehicle, this inbuilt sunroof has an optional Rain Sensor that will close the roof automatically when rainfall is detected.
  • Panoramic: 4.5 square feet of glass display an incredible view for passengers in the front and rear seats and four individual sunshades allow personal control for each passenger.
  • Double: Full-feature electronic control of double power glass panels allows more light and air to enter the vehicle. With two programmable positions, this double power sunroof includes rollo sunshades for the front and back.
  • Spoiler: For smaller vehicles looking for the sporty style, the spoiler sunroof’s glass panel opens up and slides over the roof towards the rear of the vehicle.

Hollandia Overhead

Accessories Unlimited is a proud dealer of Hollandia Sunroofs. Easy to use and even easier to enjoy, these world class aftermarket sunroofs are number one in the industry. Feel the drive with one of these leading sunroofs:

  • Hollandia 100, a classic pop-up sunroof at an affordable price
  • Holandia 300, a full-feature spoiler sunroof that makes the sky come alive in sporty style
  • Hollandia 400, with dynamic folding-fabric that provides the largest opening possible
  • Hollandia 500, featuring dual panorama panels operated individually from the front and rear
  • Hollandia 700-II Entry, a standard inbuilt sunroof with Soft Touch operation that has Auto-Close and Auto-Retract features

From The Highway To The Skyway

Accessories Unlimited is the one-stop shop for interior and exterior vehicle accessories. From truck bumpers and running boards to backup cameras and sunroofs, Accessories Unlimited in Albuquerque enhances the entire driving experience from the highway to the skyway. Their sunroof repair and installation services deliver unbeatable results at an affordable price. Hollandia Sunroofs feature industry leading products that will add style, enhance comfort, and increase the enjoyment of every drive. For top-quality sunroof installation and repair in Albuquerque, there’s no better choice than Accessories Unlimited.

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